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January 2013: Employment Practices Liability Insurance


Are you well equipped to deal with one of the following situations should it occur within the employer-employee relationship?

  • An alleged wrongful dismissal
  • A questionable promotion choice
  • Problematic hiring practices

If the wrongful failure to employ or promote gave rise to a lawsuit, would you be able to defend yourself? Situations such as these can lead past, present and even prospective employees to taking legal action against your company.

Lawsuits, even unjustified, for actions such as the breach of an employment contract, wrongful discipline, harassment or discrimination cost the company money, time and resources; trapped in a legal limbo or having to fend for itself in an unfamiliar legal framework.

Contrary to popular belief in the business community, employment lawsuits are specifically excluded from the General liability policy. Employment practices liability insurance covers compensatory damages from such suits filed against your company and more importantly, covers defense costs.

Specialised insurers offer loss prevention services, support in managing employment-related issues, practical tools (examples of employment practices, policies and forms) and legal consultants specialised in the field.

To obtain more information concerning your insurance or risk management requirements, we encourage you to contact your account executive at Vézina. Their knowledge enables them to offer you unsurpassed guidance regarding your employment practices risk, tailor-made to your company’s situation thereby protecting what counts most to you — the future of your company!

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