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Established in 1978, Vézina Assurances Inc. ranks amongst Canada’s best performing and best managed damage insurance brokers for commercial and industrial risks. Vézina Assurances Inc. and Vézina Associés Inc. offer their clientele risk management solutions that are adapted to their reality and specific to their needs.

With an extensive professional background in association with a range of insurers as well as a major insurance brokerage firm, Jacques Vézina has successfully founded and today leads a firm that is equal to any challenge through a skilful combination of conventional and innovative approaches to insurance coverage.

In order to ensure the future of the company, the founder’s sons, Pierre and Patrice Vézina, respectively hold the positions of President and CEO, Marketing and Sales and President and CEO, Operations. Both have worked in the insurance field for over 25 years and have benefited from the solid experience gained with long-established insurance firms as well as other major brokerage firms.

Jacques Vézina now pursues his activities as Chairman of the Board.

Our mission is to:

  • To be a leading broker of commercial, industrial and institutional insurance.
  • Be an employer of choice, bringing together a team of high-calibre professionals.
  • Offer exceptional service to customers with national and international needs.
Escapade Travel Insurance

By clicking on this link, you will be directed to an external website administered by our partner "Escapade Travel Insurance".

Please note that “Escapade” has changed its Insurer and therefore the insurance protection has changed. It is therefore highly recommended to take notice of the conditions and exclusions before proceeding with the purchase of your travel insurance.

For questions regarding travel insurance, please refer to the phone number indicated on the Escapade Travel Insurance’s website.