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Be a competitive employer and control your costs!

The labor market is changing and today’s employees have different behaviors than their predecessors. Rare are the 30 or 40 years careers spent with the same company. So, as a company, you must provide benefits to attract and retain the best employees.

Over the last few years, the use of different healthcare services, the cost of professional fees, the increased consumption of drugs and especially their cost, have exerted significant pressures on the cost of group insurance plans.

In this regard, your group insurance partner, Vézina & Associés, assists you in designing a plan that will meet the needs of your employees and your business goals. As a proactive partner, we offer you the following possibilities:


Be a competitive employer

  • Offer protection that will ensure employee satisfaction.
  • Provide benefits that will allow you to retain your employees and attract the best talents in the business.


Offer your employees security

  • Provide them with easy access to products and services to keep them healthy.
  • Ensure them peace of mind.


Control the cost of your employee benefit plans

  • Develop a group plan that respects your budget.
  • Select the financial structure that suits your business.
  • Establish mechanisms to ensure the continuity of your plan.


Manage effectively and easily

  • Minimize your involvement to reduce costs.
  • Have access to effective administrative support.
  • Rely on simple and efficient tools.
  • Quickly access accurate information.