Group Benefits Insurance / International Insurance

International Insurance

Through Vézina/MMA, you have access to an extensive group of partners sharing a common vision: "To be the best independent brokerage firm in commercial and industrial insurance and in employee benefits".

By means of its international division (Mercer), we deliver state-of-the-art insurance solutions to our global clients around the world. We provide cost-effective, multinational solutions tailored to each client’s operations and risk management objectives by leveraging our deep expertise, intimate knowledge of local insurances and markets, commitment to excellent client service, and unified operation structure.


Partner Advisors Outside North America

Vézina understands the risk management challenges associated with building a global operation. Whether you are a multinational corporation or a small business considering operations or services outside of your home country, we will partner with you to design customized risk transfer solutions that will meet your international business goals. We have partnered with Mercer to broaden our international footprint that gives us the capability to offer the same overseas service and expertise that clients have come to expect from Vézina locally.


What Makes Vezina's Partner Advisors Stand Out?

Our international team is dedicated to designing effective insurance programs for our clients’ overseas operations. We invest in the resources that offer our clients a competitive advantage in their marketplace, including:

  • Review of existing insurance program.
  • Risk control services.
  • Claims management.

Whatever your organization’s level of competence in the insurance field, the added value of our services makes the difference between what you can do for yourself and what Vézina ca accomplish for you in the area of risk management.