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Your Group Annuity Partner


Employees’ retirement: offer them security!

With the aging workforce and longer life expectancy, financial security at retirement becomes an increasingly important concern for your employees.

As an employer of choice, you are willing to participate in planning the retirement of your employees, but at a reasonable cost. The selection of a partner is a critical factor.

Your group pension plans partner, Vézina & Associés, advises you wisely in order for you to:


Be a competitive employer

  • Offer a plan that will ensure employee satisfaction.
  • Provide benefits that will allow you to retain your employees and attract the best talents in the business.


Offer your employees financial security

  • Show an interest for their well-being in retirement.
  • Ensure them peace of mind.
  • Recommend an accompaniment for their retirement planning.


Choose the plan that meets your objectives

  • Select a plan that meets the needs of your employees and your business goals.
  • Offer tax-efficient remuneration to employees.
  • Minimize management fees while maximizing yields.


Manage effectively and easily

  • Minimize your involvement to reduce costs.
  • Have access to effective administrative support.
  • Rely on simple and efficient tools.
  • Quickly access accurate information.
  • Comply with regulatory requirements and your fiduciary obligations.