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Top 5 Tips for Winter
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Make sure you have adequate heat to withstand extended sub-freezing temperatures - Service your heating system early and if anyone reports cold temperatures in a portion of the building find out why and correct the problem. Maintain adequate temperatures when the office is closed for holidays or weekends.


Do your sprinkler maintenance early, before cold weather hits. If you have unheated areas and dry pipe systems, make sure low point drains are checked by a qualified contractor or maintenance staff. Do you have reliable heat in the dry pipe valve enclosures?


Know the location of your water shutoff valves - both for your domestic water supply and the sprinkler system - the difference between a nuisance cleanup and a major disruption often depends on how long the water runs.


Make sure your winter plan not only includes property damage prevention, but also liability and employee safety tactics, such as assigning and training employees on the snow removal equipment and vehicles they will operate in advance of a winter event.


Know your risk transfer exposures for any vendors you hire during the winter for services, such as plowing and snow removal. Know the language in your contract for indemnification.

To discuss your insurance and risk management needs, we encourage you to get in touch with your Vézina portfolio manager. He will be able to analyze your situation and make sound, relevant recommendations.

Source: CNA Canada

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