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Nominations to Partner of Vezina Assurances Inc.

Messrs. Pierre and Patrice Vézina, Co-Presidents of Vézina Assurances Inc., are pleased to announce the following nominations to Partner of Vezina Assurances Inc.:

Joël Bélanger, CPA, CA
Partner & Executive Vice President, Finance & Administration


Mr. Bélanger is a member of the CPA Order of Quebec and has accumulated nearly 25 years of experience in financial and administrative management. Having joined the Vézina team in 2011, he will hold a key management position and will actively participate in the planning of the longterm strategic direction of the company. He will also be in charge of financial planning systems and management of all accounting and administrative operations for Vézina Assurances Inc. and Vézina & Associés Inc. His expertise and leadership will be crucial to the company’s success.


Mathieu Gagnon, A.I.B., CIP, CRM
Damage Insurance Broker
Partner & Vice President, Business Development


Mr. Gagnon has acquired more than 11 years of experience in the commercial insurance brokerage field and in underwriting. In addition to serving clients, he will participate in the development of new niches and innovative insurance products. His experience in the health sciences industry along with industrial and institutional risks will enable him to significantly contribute to the achievement of our strategic goals. Mr. Gagnon joined the ranks of Vézina in 2003.


Frédérique Chan Kane, CIP, CRM
Commercial-lines Damage Insurance Broker
Partner & Vice President, Special Risks


Mrs. Chan Kane has over 16 years of experience in damage insurance brokerage. She will be responsible for ensuring the risk management of an important group of clients and participate in the firm’s business development. The expertise acquired in recent years and her contribution to the management of the firm will permit her to successfully undertake the responsibilities of her new position. Mrs. Chan Kane has been with the firm since 2001.


Vézina Assurances Inc. is proud to bring together such partners to its team of high-level professionals to continue offering exceptional service in the years to come. The scope of their experience and expertise in the insurance industry ensures the success and longevity of our firm.

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